Hi, I’m Mathias Fynbo. I’m the man behind this new company. It all started when i came up with the idea of trying to use a OnRobot RG2 gripper on a Universal robot UR3. I thought to my self, that it couldn’t be true that the only option I had was to hold an objekt between to flat faces. Then I came up with the idea of making a new face to the RG2 gripper. First I came up with the form, then the 3D Print came in. I thought that I might as well reduce the weight of the product as much as I could. It gives the fingertips an advantage, by being easy to use while grabbing a pipe og a circular object.

At first I didn’t know how to start up a company, but with a lot of energy and time put into the dream of being self-employed and running my own business I came to this. A webshop where you as a customer can buy parts for small collaborative robots, and attachments to grippers. But also a webshops where you can send me an idea or an actual drawing. Then I can print it for you! A lot of new products will arrive shortly, stay tuned!

Mathias Fynbo – Founder

CVR: 39025604